Our Specialties

Staffing Services

Aletheia staffing will quickly identify and hire new team members based on Needs and requirements.

We maintain an extensive network of both short and long-term staff with experience in a wide range of fields. We manage the entire HR process, from recruitment and onboarding to compliant payroll setup and offboarding, all with one platform


-Registered Nurse(RN)
-Cardiac Nurse
-Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist(CRNA)
-Clinical Nurse Specialist(CNS)
-Critical Care, ER, Geriatric, Oncological, Surgical, Orthopedic, Mental Health, Pediatric Nurses
-Nurse Midwife
-Nurse Practitioner
-Nurse Manager
-Nurse Administrator

Allied Health Professionals

-Pharmacy Technicians
-Diagnostic Medical Sonographers -Dietitians
-Medical Technologists
-Occupational Therapists
-Physical therapists
-Respiratory Therapists
-Speech-language pathologists


-Network/Voice Engineers
-Desktop Support Specialists
-AI/ML, Front and Back-End
-Full Stack Engineers
-Data Scientist
-Data Engineers
-Software Engineers
-DevOps Engineers
-Developers (AWS, Shopify, Azure)
-Cloud Development/Migration
-Python, AZURE, AWS, GCP

Biomedical Technician repairing MRI machine

Biomedical Technicians/Engineers

Chief and Stationary Engineers