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24/7 Client and Workforce Support

Hours of Operations

24 hours a day , 7 days a week

Talent Management

Creating and managing a seamless talent stream is critical to developing a diverse, global workforce. Aletheia Staffing understands the challenges and risks of conducting your own recruitment. Your organization needs an HR management specialist that understands your goals and can provide the experience, processes, and skills needed to help you succeed.

What is Talent Management?

The strategy for attracting, recruiting, retaining, and developing employees in your business is known as talent management. It covers your company’s HR policies and procedures in seven key areas:
All talent management entails is the creation and maintenance of a staff in order to meet your organization’s objectives.

Aletheia Staffing manages all of the paperwork involved in employing temporary or long term contracted staff. Using our service, you can avoid direct employment risks as well as the tasks of calculating payments, insurance, and pensions.

Consultation and Staffing Needs

Following an initial consultation, we will recommend the best method, manage, and assume full responsibility for your project, delivering you with a customized experience.

In this critical moment, our knowledgeable staff will work with you. Staffing, recruiting, logistics, travel, and transitioning will all be handled by us.

When you engage Aletheia Staffing to help with your recruitment requirements, you receive a partner who is dedicated to your long-term success.


New employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into a company’s culture and giving them the tools and information they need to become a productive member of the team. CloudForce will assist with induction, orientation and management processes and address any needs identified for orientation.

Payroll Management

In addition, we know that navigating tax and labor laws can be time consuming and frustrating, CloudForce’s unique Payroll Management Service does the work for you.

With our Payroll Management Service, our team will provide you with the best employment solution to fit your needs and process payroll for your employees.

Our payroll service includes:

  • Weekly Salary payment.
  • Issuing and distribution of Salary statements.
  • Calculation and payments of any issued Company Bonuses.
  • Expense reporting and payment of Expenses.
  • Year-end tax adjustments and documentation.

Talent Performance Review

Performance management is a continuous process that tries to provide employees direction by assisting them in setting goals that are in line with the organization’s needs. It’s a means of including employees in improving organizational performance and achieving the company’s objectives and goals, both as group members and as individuals. This includes,

Planning work and setting expectations

By creating performance objectives and expectations, managers guide the efforts of individual individuals and groups toward accomplishing corporate goals. The core elements and standards used to assess performance should be comprehensible, credible, fair, and attainable.

Developing employees’ capacity to perform

Individual employees’ capacity can be increased by changing work procedures, allocating work that requires new abilities, or offering training.

Monitoring employee performance

Management can identify unacceptable or exceptional performance at any time with continuous monitoring. Employees and groups are able to evaluate their performance and receive feedback about their progress towards achieving their goals.

Rating performance

This role entails awarding a rating to an employee or team inside the company based on aspects and criteria outlined in an employee performance plan.

Rewarding good performance

Individuals and groups should be recognized for their outstanding performance and commitment to the organization’s mission.

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